How do I order wholesale?

Use our contact form to get in touch. Please let us know intent of the wholesale purchase, item(s) and quantity(s) being inquired for wholesale.

Care Instructions


  • Spot-cleaned by hand. 

  • Air dry only.

Nap Pads

  • Wash on a gentle to normal cycle.

  • Dry on gentle or air dry.

  • There may be some shrinkage due to the materials used. 


Wear & Tear

We encourage all cat owners to always watch their cats during playtime and inspect toys regularly. We are not responsible for cats that may play rougher than normal and tear apart the toy. We give our prototype design to our own personal cats to test before we offer items for sale online.


Catnip Induced Happiness

We use high quality catnip in our toys. Our kickers are filled with 100% catnip (aka A HECK OF A LOT) which means some cats may get a little more crazy than they do with other toys. Some cats may drool, obsessively lick, leap and flip about - this is generally a common reaction and can be a sign of extreme contentment and happiness!


Gift Wrapping

We do not offer paid gift wrapping options at this time - however every order ships wrapped in our own custom tissue paper instead free of charge to you!