Our Story

Brown Box Cat was started for the creation of simple toys that Padmé, and our other own cats, love and play with every day. Everything is created individually handcrafted, with thoughtful materials, that can be enjoyed for years to come by your own cats.


Padmé, Assistant

She was found as a 3 week old kitten in the middle of a busy road. All the other (old grumpy) cats in the household deemed she was okay and accepted her into the family. That was back in 2014 and she has grown to be quite a silly personality filled goofy cat. She helps oversee mom when toys are being made - and of course always needs to test that the catnip is okay to use!


Amanda, Owner

Padme's 'human' and the one running Brown Box Cat. A love for animals (mostly cats of course) and happily married to an amazing guy, she finds time to make toys and support the foster and rescue community on Instagram, making sure a portion of all sales get donated and looking for new folks to help send donations out to.